If you feel like your bathroom is missing something and is looking outdated and shabby, it’s time for some renovating! This word sounds super scary to many people, especially when they think about all the expenses it usually involves. However, you don’t have to break your budget to achieve or imitate certain bathroom design trends! For only a few hundred dollars, you can improve the look of your bathroom, make it look chic and cozy, and still have some money left for a short vacation to get some rest for all this renovation work.

Go steady with tiles

Even though they are quite beautiful and easy to maintain, tiles can get quite expensive, especially if you don’t have any experience in DIY tile laying. But, if you still want to have some attractive tiles in your bathroom, you can limit their placement on high-visibility areas like walls, backsplashes or around the mirror. Alternatively, you can only make a single horizontal line along the wall and fill out the rest with paint.

Save up on your countertops

Many homeowners decide to splurge on granite or marble countertops for their bathrooms. Bathroom countertop space is usually quite small, so it’s not exactly a huge expense, but your costs can be additionally reduced. For instance, choose the color that is not very popular and buy pieces with imperfections (the bigger the imperfection, the cheaper the slab will be). You can hide the flaw with your sink or faucets and make them practically invisible. Your bathroom will look luxurious and classy, and you’ll still save a lot of money! You can also opt for a completely DIY option with wooden countertops. They look warm and cozy, which is perfect if you want to achieve a rustic or vintage vibe.

Maximize the storage space

If you feel like the main issue with your bathroom is the lack of storage, you can concentrate on boosting the storage space. The cheapest and most efficient way to do so is to buy a few wicker baskets and DIY some attractive storage space. It’s perfect for storing all sorts of bathroom necessities like hygiene products, bath accessories and towels, and they have a substantial aesthetic value.

Boost the lighting

A bathroom that is well lit will automatically look much better, so don’t neglect the lighting during your design phase. Natural light is always the best choice, but artificial lighting is also necessary. One great idea is to install some wall sconces without the shade to create an elegant and streamlined look.

Give it a fresh paint job

If you have only a little bit of money to spend, make sure to invest in fresh paint. Fresh paint is undoubtedly the cheapest and most effective DIY improvement you can do.  All you need is some paint, a few rollers and brushes, and some patience. However, there are a few things you have to be aware of before starting your repaint. Bathrooms are usually small, but they are full of different furniture, fixtures, and accessories, and it could take a lot of precision, painter’s tape and time to paint around them. Additionally, be aware of the moisture. Make sure to invest in high-quality paint, since the bathroom is mold’s and mildew’s favorite place to live. Pro tip: while you’re up on your ladder, don’t forget to paint the ceiling for a stylish, designer look.

Small details for a big effect

No matter how small, little details can make a big difference in your bathroom. Things like faucets, showerheads, cabinet hardware and towel racks are all quite cheap, but they can significantly improve the look of your bathroom. Another great way to make your bathroom look stylish is to replace your plastic shower curtain with some elegant shower screens. They will boost your bathroom design, make the space look bigger and airier, and you can DIY the installing from start to finish! 

Placement is everything

Some bathroom design improvements don’t even cost a thing. Sometimes, all you need to do is strategically place your furniture and decoration, and boost the style of your space. For instance, you can place your mirror in a spot that will catch the largest amount of natural light, or reflect an art piece. This will add depth and interest to your space for free.

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on your bathroom design. If you have will to get your hands dirty and DIY, you’ll end up with a stylish bathroom and a full wallet.

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