This summer, there’s been ongoing heatwaves every week. This means it’s sweltering in New York City, Philadelphia, and beyond. If your apartment building doesn’t have a pool and you’re looking for something fun to do that won’t cause your body to overheat, or you’re visiting from out of town and you have no idea what goes on during the summer, WhoseYourLandlord’s got you!

No matter what situation you’re in, here are some fun (and some free!) ways you can keep busy and cool this summer.

Go on a sunset adventure.

Sunset is one of the coolest times of day durin the summer. Make a plan to enjoy the scene as the sun (and temperatures) start to drop! Climb to the nearest rooftop or take a drive to a part of the state you’ve never been to. The mountains tend to be cooler during the summer, so pack up the car and drive to a scenic location to watch the sunset. Pack a hammock and affix it to a tree for the ultimate view, or line the bed of your truck with plenty of blankets to settle into. Upstate New York has some of the most picturesque sunsets this side of the country!

Treat yo’self.

If you’re in the NYC area, visit Aire de Seville for a relaxing experience. Take a dip in one of these ancient baths with soothing water temperatures that are used to relax the body and the mind. If you don’t have a ton of wiggle room in the budget, schedule an appointment at your favorite spa to keep out of the sun and refresh your mind with pampering you can afford.

Get your culture on.

For New York City natives and visitors this summer, stop into the city’s many museums for a chance to beat the heat. Venues like the MOMA, Met, and the American Museum of Natural History will pique your interest and take you an entire afternoon to get through!

Hit the beach.

New York has a ton of great shore points to cool off at this summer. From Long Beach Island to Rockaway Beach, all you need is a towel, sunscreen, and a mode of transportation. If you feel like a summer drive, head to one of the shore points on the Jersey coast for a change of scenery. Be sure to pack an umbrella to help combat the sun’s strong rays and a float to relax and keep cool on in the water. Not a big fan of the sand? Hit up your local public pool for a quick dip.

Take a class.

If you fancy yourself an artist, take an art class this summer. Prefer to be in the kitchen? Sign up for a cooking class to perfect new culinary masterpieces. Once you’ve honed your skills, try making a nice goulash (cold soup) to maintain your level of chill.

Go clubbing.

We don’t mean dancing – that’s the ultimate way to get a sweat going!  Minus 5 is an ice bar in NYC that will cool you down. The bar is made completely of ice, including the walls and seats surrounding the bar. Order a delicious cocktail served up in a glass made of ice and relax in a borrowed parka (if you get cold, that is). If you can handle a bit of the tourist crowd, this bar is definitely a cool spot to check out. Not that into drinking? Find a local pop up ice cream shop to get your chill on. Bonus points if you visit a venue that serves up rolled ice cream!

Read a book.

The New York Public Library is a sight to see in your lifetime. Plus, it’s full of hours of entertainment that will delight your inner bookworm. Visiting is free and you can hang out in the air conditioning captivated by the latest mystery novel on hot summer afternoons.

See a movie.

Ah, the great summer pastime of seeing a movie. From the cool air in the theater to the fresh, new film you get to feast your eyes upon, movies are part of what makes summertime the best. New York City is home to some of the oldest theaters in the nation – if you’re a history buff, hit up one of the landmark theaters in your area.

Visit the theatre.

Seen everything playing in theaters? Turn your eyes to see what’s playing on stage. New York City is a hub for live entertainment, from concerts to Broadway plays. Plan to see a matinee during a heatwave to keep out of the sun.

Beat the heat this summer with these awesome ways to stay cool and have fun in New York City. Stay tuned to WhoseYourLandlord for more ways to keep cool this summer.

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