Having been featured in publications such as Allure, Elle France, and Essence, Courtney Danielle is a beauty, fashion, travel, and wellness influencer. Since 2012, Courtney has been owning her sense of style while teaching others how to embrace theirs.

As the founder of Curls and Couture and co-founder of Black Girl Fly, Courtney not only aims to inspire young girls and women to embrace their style and love themselves, she also looks to amplify the voices and shift the narrative of black millennial women.

In this episode of our Take Ownership Podcast, Courtney speaks with us about starting Curls and Couture and Black Girl Fly Mag, putting God at the forefront of her platform and incorporating family into her career.

Curls and Couture…

The reason why Curls and Couture started is because Courtney knew there were other women who were going through the same struggle she was going through. “Part of the reason why I didn’t go natural sooner is because I felt pushback,” says Courtney. “I felt that other people didn’t want me to go natural.” This would eventually lead to Courtney making the decision to take ownership of her choice to get rid of her relaxed hair and go natural by embracing her natural hair texture. “We have to push through and not let what anyone else says dictate and determine the moves that we make,” says Courtney. As a result of her decision, she now lives life on her own accord while inspiring others to do the same.



Black Girl Fly…

“With Black Girl Fly, we really wanted to change the narrative behind what the stereotypes of black women are,” says Courtney. “If we google, “black women,” we don’t get a very positive picture of who we are.” To combat this dilemma, Courtney wanted to change this narrative by showing everyday women who are successful. “We wanted to showcase creatives, executives, influencers, and other women who are doing dope things every day. This was our goal behind Black Girl Fly” says Courtney.


Putting God at The Forefront…

“I think that putting God at the forefront of my platform has been a little bit difficult for me,” says Courtney. “Everyone’s beliefs and spiritual journey is different. I never want to turn anyone away. Despite what people’s beliefs are, they are still able to relate to me because a lot of what I share through my message transcends beyond religion.”



Incorporating Family…

“In the very beginning, I was pretty closed off and operating on my platform by myself,” says Courtney. “As I started incorporating my family and friends, it made the experience a lot better and smoother.” Courtney also goes on to mention how the process of doing hair is a cultural experience which also enables families to bond. “Sitting between the legs of your grandmother while she’s cornrowing your hair…you remember that,” says Courtney. “It’s an experience for all of us!!!”



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