Ofo Ezeugwu

CEO & Co-Founder

Ofo Ezeugwu

Ofo Ezeugwu is the CEO & Chieftain of WhoseYourLandlord. He graduated from Temple University (shout out to N. Philly!), where he was the VP of the student body and also the university's youngest alumni convocation speaker in the school’s history. He's a Techstars'​ Risingstar, one of BET's #30Under30, a Black Enterprise: Modern Man, and his work has been featured in Newsweek, TechCrunch, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Philadelphia Inquirer MSNBC, and more. Ofo is based in NYC/PHL and is also a professional actor and model who's walked in NYFW, been featured on the Today Show six times, and worked with Nike, ESPN, and Alfani.

Ofo is also very actively plugged into the community and speaks with local high schools and middle schools on leadership, college planning, entrepreneurship, and life skills. He's a Big in the Big Brothers Big Sisters entrepreneurial program. And, he's also spoken on tech - entrepreneurship - and leadership at prestigious universities and institutions such as The White House, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Penn, Temple, Villanova, etc. He lives by the motto, "No steps backward; just forward progress."

Felix Addison

COO, VP, & Co-Founder

Felix Addison

Felix Addison is the COO & Vice President of WhoseYourLandlord. He began his professional career as an intern for George Mason Recreation where he worked side by side with the Director of Mason Recreation. Felix focused on informing students and community members about the George Mason Recreational facilities and membership opportunities. With that experience under his belt and the help of a great recommendation, he became an intern for the Assistant Dean of the Prince William Campus. Together, Felix and the Assistant Dean conducted a Needs Assessment Survey that brought graduate housing and a student lounge to the students of that campus.

Upon graduation from George Mason University, Felix began working for the Mott Community Center and quickly received a promotion to become the Assistant Director. In the midst of transitioning from a full time student to a full time employee, Felix and his business partner and best friend Ofo Ezeugwu began forming a company named Untapped, Inc., which was created to help artists, musicians, and small businesses manage their social brand. WhoseYourLandlord.com was created in October 2012 as the first major project from Untapped, Inc. WhoseYourLandlord soon became the main focus for the two, who eventually moved to Brooklyn New York to continue building the company and team to where it is today.

Nik Korablin

CTO & Co-Founder

Felix Addison

Nik Korablin is the CTO of WhoseYourLandlord. He has been in front of a computer screen for the majority of his life, working on websites back in the days of dial up. He enjoys making things and solving problems, whether they be with a computer or with his hands. His professional career started early on, working as a freelance web developer throughout high school and college. He graduated from Temple University in 2013 with a degree in Information Science & Technology. From there he worked at Vanguard as a Java developer before coming on to WYL full-time.

When not typing away on a keyboard, Nik enjoys being outside and driving his car.

Phil Meyer

Creative Director

Felix Addison

Phil Meyer is currently the Creative Director at WhoseYourLandlord, Inc. He carries out tasks such as designing merchandise, helping develop marketing plans, and framing the overall direction of the brand’s appearance. Phil studied Legal Studies at Temple University where he was first introduced to WYL. A New Jersey native, Phil is the definition of a self starter. Out of high school, he thought up an idea, began generating designs, put a team together, and created his own clothing company. This knowledge in the design field and various other freelance experiences have allowed him to apply his talents to the creative vision of WYL.

Andrew Aulenbach

Director of Sales & Partnerships

Felix Addison

Andrew Aulenbach was raised by entrepreneurs, and truly loves the art of selling. Since closing his first major enterprise deal at age 4, he has gone on to build large-scale sales teams across Asia and South America. A wide-eyed, 14-and-a-half-year-old Aulenbach narrowly made the age cutoff for the Forbes "15 Under 15" list after negotiating a $100M exit from his bootstrapped biotech firm. After spending 10 years spear fishing near his private island in the Maldives, he returned to the sales world in 2016 to work with WhoseYourLandlord.

Outside his hobby of writing wildly-embellished bio introductions (see above), Andrew is truly focused on bringing quality to the rental experience. He has a background in SMB research and software sales, and is a summa cum laude graduate of Temple University. Having had a slew of bad rental experiences in his beloved city of Philadelphia, Andrew is excited to use his skills to help renters and home providers work together in a positive way.