About Us

Whose vs Who's

Often, when we enter into a lease agreement, we as the customer relinquish all our power to the landlord. It is time for that to change. With this site alone, we are making a conscious effort to begin holding 'our' landlords accountable for their actions. In the name "Whose Your Landlord" we purposely use the possessive form of the word 'who' because we are now returning the ownership back to the tenants. "Whose Your Landlord" gives the tenants a voice and places the power into the hands of the people it should be in. This site is an open area for you to tell us about the good, the bad, and the ugly, when it comes to dealing with your past landlords.

Your opportunity

We encourage this site's users to be tasteful, honest, and open in describing and rating their past experiences with their landlords and/or housing units. Please refrain from using this site as a bashfest against landlords and the companies you've dealt with in the past. This is your opportunity to voice your pleasure or displeasure so that visitors to the site in the future either follow suit, in terms of your decision making process, or alter their future behavior after reading your input.

Spread the word

Post on this site and share your input with your friends and family. The power we've yearned for, as tenants, for years has finally been given to us through "Whose Your Landlord" It's time we utilize it! Thanks for visiting our site and take full advantage of all the resources we've allotted for you! Spread the word and let's start holding these "home" providers accountable for their actions!